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Additional Charges

no charge for first proof (faxed or emailed). *please request proof if needed.
ALT750: Alterations to Order or 2nd Proof $7.50 net.
ART5: Art charge - Rate is based on $60.00 net per hour / $30.00 net Minimum Charge.
  Custom Cut / Die-Charge per Logo (No Setup on reorders within 2 years)
SCAN: Scan charges are $7.50 net (per design).
CUT50: Custom dies up to 10 square inches $50A. CUT60: up to 20 square inches $60A.
CUT80: Dies up to 30 square inches $80A.
CCC7: Copy Change Charge (available on most ribbon products with like specifications) $33A.
SU40A: Less than Minimum Charge $44A.
  (Under 100 per copy Standard Ribbons, under 10 qty most Rosette Styles;
  under 250 qty Satin-Poly Ribbons).
CFSU: Foil Charge per ribbon (if other than standard gold, silver or bronze).
  $0.09A per Ribbon (qty's 1-999); $0.04A per Ribbon (qty's 1000+).
CFSU PER ROLL: Foil Charge per Roll of Ribbon (if other than standard gold, silver or bronze).
  $10 net.
VSU0: Vertical Setup Charge per Word $1.80A.
VSU32: Diagonal, curved or stair step copy charge $10A.
C250A: Evented Line Change $2.70A per change.
CP200A: Place Change Charge after Sixth Place $2.14A per change.
RCCO: Ribbon Color Change (with same copy) $2.44A.
RBWR: Ribbon Backed with Wider Ribbon (up to 12" length included) $0.80A per ribbon.
ESP: Eyeletting Charge per Satin-Poly Ribbon $0.50A.
STWP: Sewn Top w/Pin Charge (up to 2" size) $0.50A. Note: Sewn Top Ribbons are priced for the overall size of ribbon used, not the finish size.
TF00: Tape Front Charge $0.13A; TB00: Tape Back Charge $0.13A.
SPECPKG: Special Packaging - 1 per bag $45.65m; 2-9 per bag $30.45m; 10-17 per bag
  $22.85m; 18-25 per bag $15.25m; 26-50 per bag $11.55m; 51-100 per bag
  $7.95m (net).
GOLD/SILVER EDGING: Edging Charge (up to 3" wide) ADD + 20% Upcharge.
UPCGSPR: Specialty Ribbon Charge ADD + 30% Upcharge.
  (applies to 2 color, tri-color, rainbow and hot colors.)
PSS0: Printing per Side Streamer of a 3 streamer Rosette $0.20A.
EL10: Additional (1") length per Ribbon or per Rosette Streamer $0.06A.
EX00: Excessive Copy Charge (copy over 13 lines) $20A.
EXOO-21: Excessive Copy Charge (copy over 21 lines) $40A.
TASSELS: Tassel per rosette $1.50A. GF00: Gold Fringe per streamer $1A.
ISPO: Satin Button Charge (button modification on Back to Basic Rosettes) $0.20A.
MODIFIED CHARGE: Modified Rosettes (other charges may also apply) ADD + 20% Upcharge
  and 5 additional production days.
P000: Safety Pin Attachment for rosette head $0.26A.
MBH0: Metal Bridle Hook for rosette head $0.26A.
  **Note: Plastic Hook Back is standard on All Rosettes unless otherwise specified**
  Flat back or flat back with string may be requested at no additional charge.
1.  ​All orders are subject to acceptance. Catalog prices are
generally correct but can change without notice. We do
everything possible to insure correct pricing but cannot
guarantee these prices will not change or raw materials become
unavailable. Price changes between catalogs are rare but they do
happen. Our Customer Service team is very knowledgeable and a
great resource to depend on.

2.  ​Ship times are estimates. Guaranteed delivery dates
may require "rush charges" or "guaranteed delivery fees."
Shipping times are that of the carrier and not FRS. While
we pride ourselves on meeting your dates, we don't
guarantee dates other than in writing and in advance. You must
communicate your needs with our customer service team when
placing the order.

3.  ​If exact color matching is important, you will
need a production proof where we put your job
on the press and make a sample for you before we
actually run the job. There is an added cost for this
service. We cannot guarantee exact colors because of the
different methods we have for printing and equipment.

4.  ​We do lots of special things for a variety of our customers
and we'll bend over backwards for you too. Just let us
know what you want and we'll try to accommodate you. We know you have a choice in where you direct your business. We want your business and know what we have to do to get it year after year.

5. We use photos of products we produce to give other
customers an idea of the range of products we make. If you do not want your products pictured in any of our marketing or used as samples or at trade shows, please let us know in advance.

Charge for artwork when camera-ready to size art is not supplied $60.00 per hour (net). Artwork, drawings, negatives, positives, plates or any items produced by the factory shall remain it's exclusive property, unless otherwise agreed to in writing. Please Note: Additional charges will apply if we need to spend more than 15 minutes opening, adjusting or modifying your submitted files in order to meet our art specifications.

Special Packaging: 1 per bag: $45.65m; 2-9 per bag: $30.45m;
10-17 per bag: $22.85m; 18-25 per bag: $15.25m;
26-50 per bag: $11.55m; 51-100 per bag: $7.95m. (net)

Scan Charge: $7.50 per design. (net)
ALT750: Customer alterations to copy on proof: $7.50 per change. (net)
Free Setup Charge - Copy Change Charges Additional
CCC7: Copy Change Charge $33A
MAG-BAR: Rectangular Magnet Back (2 Part) $1.50C ea
MAG-ROUND: Small Round Magnetic Back (2 Part) for small buttons $1.50C ea
MAG-FRIDGE: Refrigerator Magnet (1 Part) $0.50C ea
TF00: Tape Front Charge (required for Button Ribbon Combination) $0.13A ea
ATTACH: Optional Attachment of Button & Ribbon
(for Button Ribbon Combination) $0.22A ea

MAG-BAR: Rectangular Magnet Back (2 Part) $1.50C ea.
MAG-ROUND: Small Round Magnetic Back (2 Part) for small buttons $1.50C ea.
MAG-FRIDGE: Refrigerator Magnet (1 Part) $0.50C ea.
TF00: Tape Front Charge (required for Button Ribbon Combination) $0.13A.
ATTACH: Safety Pin Attachment for rosette head $0.26A.
Plastic Hook Back is standard on all Rosettes unless otherwise specified. Rosettes are assembled from component parts. Modified rosettes will incur additional 20% up charge and an additional 5 production days.


Coloring may vary due to dye lots
Flag Blue
Navy Sky Blue
Turquoise Jewel Blue Teal
Emerald Green Hunter Green
Spring Green
Red Orange Deep Gold
Purple Lavender Pink
Maroon Fuchsia Rose
Peach Tan Brown
Black White Off White (Eggshell)